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Marketing your business directly to your customers is hard. But what if your customers could actively opt-in to your marketing?

We provide podcast coaching, editing, mastering, and solutions to get your message directly to the ears of your market, cutting out the middle-man.

Take a look at The .NET Core Podcast. It’s through our knowledge and expertise that they have an audience of 12,000 engaged developers.

Ask yourself:

"What does 12,000 actively engaged customers look like?"

Our podcasting services can enable you to reach directly into your target market, and get your message directly to your customers and clients. Those very same customers and clients will actively choose to engage with your content and services.

We have worked with the hosts and producers of incredibly successful podcasts for over four years - consulting on over 320 individual episodes, and over 480 hours of released content. The clients that we have worked with are incredibly happy with our work (see “What Our Clients Say” below for more details), and would recommend us over any of the competition.

Our Process

Regardless of the service you choose (see “Our Services” below), our process is the same.

We will take your source audio, perform any quality-based edits, apply industry-leading equalisation and levelling, and produce a rendered MP3 file, ready for uploading to your podcast host. The audio will conform to industry standards with regards to loudness units, and will be fit for broadcasting on TV or radio.

We will require any bumpers and any in-episode commercials that you wish to be included in the rendered audio, and will ensure that their placements match your strict specification.

Once completed, we will send the rendered audio back to you for your own quality approval status. We will have already performed a quality approval step internally, and we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. This is your chance to request any additional edits.

Note: all services (with the exception of the bespoke option) come with the ability to request one round of additional edits. This will require you to send all of your requested edits to us, with timestamps. Will will then endeavour to return the final edit to you within 24 hours.

You will be invoiced on a monthly basis, and we will be completely transparent about both the monthly budget and the edits which we are doing to your source audio in order to create the best possible podcast episodes.

What Our Clients Say

Our podcasting services are second to none. Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have to say:

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James Studdart

James Studdart

.NET Development Consultant & Podcast Host

Over the years of producing my podcast the editing of each episode was the most time consuming. I’m not a sound engineer and its not skill that’s easy to pick up, but RJJ Software were able to provide the skill set for me. They took the pain out of producing consistently high quality audio, giving me more time to focus on talking to my guests and making my shows.

Zac Braddy

Zac Braddy

Director, Zarasoft

Without RJJ my podcast wouldn’t be running at all, that’s the simple truth of the matter. The amount of work they take on for the production of my podcast makes them a no brainer choice and I’m positive the success of my podcast is in no small part due to fantastic quality of their work. Not only that the staff are friendly and helpful always taking the time to explain to me the choices available in any given situation allowing me to make timely and informed decisions that have improved the quality of the outcomes of my work. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to work with RJJ!

Tom Hainton

Tom Hainton

Founder at Hainton

Jamie from RJJ helped us prepare and create our podcast. He is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend speaking with him if you want help setting up a podcast

Our Services

Please note that the following prices are listed in both GBP (£) and are exclusive of VAT or any applicable sales tax.

Podcast Creation Consultation

£250 per session

We will sit with you to help you plan our your show, suggest workflows and equipment, and provide you all of the knowledge you will need in order to create the best show possible for your brand.

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Up to 90 minutes of source audio

£80 per 60 minutes of audio

We will completely edit and master your audio, with any bumpers (provided by you) within three business days. This is suitable for source audio which is no longer than 90 minutes.

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Up to 120 minutes of source audio

£100 per episode

We will completely edit and master your audio, with any bumpers (provided by you) within three business days. This is suitable for source audio which is no longer than 120 minutes.

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Greater than 120 minutes of source audio

£120 per episode

We will completely edit and master your audio, with any bumpers (provided by you) within four business days. This is suitable for source audio with a running time of longer than 120 minutes.

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Bespoke Service

Available upon request

Should our other offerings not meet your requirements, we will be happy to discuss with you and design a more bespoke service to fit within your budget and turnaround time.

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In order to have us work on your podcast, or have us share our knowledge and expertise, get in touch today. You will not regret it.