The Modern .NET Show Reaches Major Milestone with Over 675,000 Total Unique Downloads

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Leeds, April 25th, 2024:—RJJ Software is excited to announce that its podcast, The Modern .NET Show, has recently surpassed an impressive milestone of 675,000 total unique downloads. As a leading software development company specializing in .NET, and AI-based technologies, RJJ Software is proud to have produced and shared this valuable resource for the developer community.

The Modern .NET Show, launched in August of 2018, has gained traction among developers worldwide by offering insights on modern .NET practices and techniques. The podcast features industry experts discussing various topics such as performance optimisation, cloud computing, microservices, and more. This engaging content has resonated with many professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of the ever-evolving world of software development.

With this milestone achieved, RJJ Software is committed to continuing its mission of delivering high-quality educational content for the development community as a whole. The team will continue producing episodes filled with practical advice and expert insights alongside their continuing apprenticeships and mentoring support. Furthermore, they are planning to expand their reach through new partnerships, collaborations, and other marketing initiatives.

The Modern .NET Show’s success thus far demonstrates the growing interest in the .NET ecosystem among developers worldwide. RJJ Software is thrilled to be at the forefront of this movement, providing valuable resources to help the community stay informed and grow their skills. As they look forward to surpassing new milestones and reaching even more listeners, RJJ Software is dedicated to serving the needs of software developers everywhere.

In June 2024, The Modern .NET Show will reach its next major milestone with 150 published episodes, further solidifying its position as an essential resource for professionals in the industry. And the very latest listener statistics are available at the press kit page for the show—available at

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About RJJ Software Ltd.:RJJ Software is a leading technology company offering a wide range of software development, consulting, and mentorship services. They are also AI experts, providing cutting-edge solutions in this rapidly evolving field. In addition to their software offerings, RJJ Software offers audio and podcast editing services, making them a one-stop solution for all your tech needs.

The company produces The Modern .NET Show, the only podcast focused specifically on .NET, and The Waffling Taylors podcast, and edits Tabs and Spaces, Retail Leadership with Steve Worthy, and the recently retired Podcasters Live and Cynical Developer podcast.