Prestigious Microsoft Status Renewed for RJJs Chief Technical Officer

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional logo.

Leeds, July 11h, 2023: RJJ software is delighted to announce that the company’s chief technical officer, Jamie Taylor, has once again been recognised by Microsoft as one of their Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs. This award acknowledges Jamie’s hard work, both within and beyond RJJ Software, and how much he’s contributed to Microsoft’s vast community of users.

The MVP Award Program

For over 20 years, the Microsoft has used its MVP award to acknowledge professionals who contribute to the community working on its products. These are acknowledged experts in their field, passionate about what they do, who go beyond personal excellence to support those around them.

Outreach is central to the MVP award. MVPs engage innovatively with the latest technology then share their discoveries, best practice, and enthusiasm with the Microsoft community, leading to better practices and products all across the world. They spread the word in all sorts of ways, such as blogging, writing books, giving speeches, or leading teams.

The award marks MVPs out to the rest of the community as voices worth listening to. If a company is looking for technical skills, or a journalist is looking for an expert source, then MVPs are a natural place to start.

MVPs also receive substantial benefits from Microsoft, in the form of Visual Studio technical and Office 365 subscriptions. Early access to Microsoft products gives them a chance to get ahead with the latest tools, and to explain them to others when they’re released. Direct communication channels with Microsoft product teams, an exclusive Global MVP Summit at Microsoft’s HQ, and close relationships with local Microsoft teams mean that MVPs can learn more about what Microsoft is doing and what its products can achieve.

Jamie Taylor, Microsoft MVP

Microsoft have awarded Jamie MVP status based on his valuable work lowering the barrier to entry for the software development space, particularly with .NET . Through his live streams, podcasts, and free open source code libraries like OwaspHeaders.Core he has made the tools and techniques of .NET and other Microsoft products accessible to a wider audience.

Jamie is the creator and host of the .NET Core Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to Microsoft’s .NET technologies, and co-host of Tabs and Spaces, a straight-shooting podcast about software development. Through these shows, he shares not only his own knowledge but that of other experts, providing a platform for members of the Microsoft community to share their experience, expanding awareness of the latest techniques and best practice.

Jamie started writing code in the early ‘90s on an Amstrad CPC 464. He has turned that early start in computing into a successful career as a software engineer, during which he’s founded RJJ Software and gained over 14 years of experience working with ASP.NET. His company is based in Yorkshire, but his work reaches out around the world, wherever professionals look for guidance on using Microsoft products.

About RJJ Software Ltd.:RJJ Software is a leading technology company offering a wide range of software development, consulting, and mentorship services. They are also AI experts, providing cutting-edge solutions in this rapidly evolving field. In addition to their software offerings, RJJ Software offers audio and podcast editing services, making them a one-stop solution for all your tech needs.

The company produces The .NET Core Podcast, the only podcast focused specifically on .NET, and The Waffling Taylors podcast, and edits Tabs and Spaces, Retail Leadership with Steve Worthy, and the recently retired Podcasters Live and Cynical Developer podcast.