New podcast: Tabs & Spaces

The Tabs and Spaces podcast logo: a series of dots and an arrow representing four space characters and a tab character

Mar 2nd, 2020 (Leeds, UK) - For immediate release:

From author Zac Braddy, James Studdart (creator of The Cynical Developer Podcast), and Jamie Taylor (creator of The .NET Core Podcast) comes a new monthly podcast about the software development topics that developers care about.

Zac descibes the podcast as:

tabs AND spaces is a podcast put together by three developers with over 30 years of collective experience in software development. We’re here to tell you what we really think about the difficult problems that face software developers throughout their career and we promise that we won’t always agree!

RJJ Software will be editing the podcast exclusively, and invites listeners to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review.

The Tabs & Spaces podcast is available across all podcast services, including:

Please see the podcast’s website for more details: