The .NET Core Podcast Reaches Two Year Milestone

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For immediate release: 24th August, 2020

Leeds, West Yorkshire: The .NET Core podcast, a podcast for programmers using Microsoft’s .NET Core software framework, marked its second birthday on the 24th of August, shortly after passing 207,000 listens. The only podcast focused on .NET Core, it gives software developers information and ideas for their own work.

Produced for software professionals and those learning to use .NET Core, the show provides insights into .NET technologies and what they can create. A leading software framework, .NET performs the basic tasks needed to construct a program. This lets developers focus on high level features, improving the speed and efficiency with which new applications are created. By providing information about the framework to a large and growing audience, the .NET Core podcast demonstrates the value of podcasts in programmers’ professional development.

The podcast is produced by RJJ Software Ltd, which consists of two brothers, .NET architect Jamie Taylor and audio engineer Mark Taylor. Presented by Jamie, the fortnightly episodes feature industry professionals discussing their use of .NET, and have included high profile guests such as Richard Campbell, Jon Galloway, and James Montemagno. One of several podcasts produced and edited by RJJ, .NET Core has quickly developed a large listener base and recognition within the industry.

“I’m proud of the success of the show,” said Jamie Taylor. “I would like to impress upon other budding podcasters that almost anyone can go from obscurity to recognition by presenting their industry’s issues in an accessible way. I’ve been told by conference organisers that they were fans of the show, been asked deeply technical questions on Twitter and in Slack groups, and have been asked to share blog posts and video announcements by high profile people in the .NET space. None of that would have happened had I not started the podcast.”

About RJJ Software Ltd.: RJJ Software provides software-related services, including development, consultancy, and mentoring, as well as audio and podcast editing services. The company produces The .NET Core Podcast, the only podcast focused specifically on .NET, and The Waffling Taylors podcast, and edits Tabs and Spaces, Retail Leadership with Steve Worthy, Podcasters Live, and the recently retired Cynical Developer podcast.