Moving with the Times: The .NET Core Podcast Becomes The Modern .NET Show

An intentionally blurred selection of code forms the background for an image bearing the legend 'The Modern .NET Show' in all caps. A purple, bespectacled robot holding a microphone stands on the right-hand side of the image

Leeds, September 7th, 2023: With new releases bringing new names to Microsoft’s products, The .NET Core Podcast is rebranding to match its content, becoming The Modern .NET Show. The change, which comes in time for a new season (debuting this week), will help the show better reach its listener base while covering the same core content, providing news and insights to developers working with Microsoft products.

An informative and engaging podcast covering all things .NET, the show discusses modern software development, cross-platform development, cloud hosting, and cutting-edge technologies like Blazor and Avalonia. Hosted by Jamie Taylor, it features expert guests, engaging content, and a lively format to keep listeners informed and entertained as they learn about .NET, a suite of products for building Microsoft applications.

With over 120 episodes under its belt and an average of 14,000 listens per month, The .NET Core Podcast has become a go-to source for developers who want to stay up to date with the latest practices. A platform for topflight developers from around the world, it provides valuable insights and practical tips to help you level up your skills and stay ahead of the curve.

The podcast is aimed at developers at all stages of their career and tech leads looking to learn more about .NET technologies. Although shaped for developers and other tech workers, it is approachable by learners or listeners who are new to development or Microsoft technologies. Each technology is introduced with examples of the applications and system that have been built with those technologies. Expert guests share their experience and insights to give listeners a wide-ranging perspective on .NET tools.

A purple robot wearing glasses, with a raised eyebrow, holding a microphone in its left hand stands in front of a multicoloured code listing, which is blurred. The code listing is shown on a black background, and the words 'The Modern .NET Show' can be seen in white along the top of the image.
The new logo for the podcast

Produced and presented by Microsoft MVP, CTO of RJJ Software, and recipient of Managing Director of the Year award for Most Visionary Software Development & Consultancy MD Jamie Taylor, the show has attracted thousands of listeners, hundreds of subscribers on YouTube, and a Listen Notes ranking in the top 2.5% of public podcasts around the world.

While the .NET Core brand has worked well for the podcast until recently, changes in Microsoft’s products have left the title out of date. When released in 2016, the .NET Core suite of products took its name from the fact that it replicated a core subset of the existing .NET Framework’s functions. But with the fifth version in 2020, Microsoft abandoned the Core name, and the company has been moving away from the Core branding since. Developers using the .NET Framework have always been called “.NET Developers”, so the community has opted for “Modern .NET” as a name for its current iteration.

As .NET has evolved, so has Jamie’s show, and rebranding to The Modern .NET Show is a natural step in this development. By getting ahead of the wider use of this phrase, the show will stay visible to its audience and signal its relevance to their work, giving developers a place to learn about the most recent developments in .NET. The show remains as relevant and valuable as ever, and with a change of name, it should reach more listeners than ever before, helping to expand the .NET community.

About RJJ Software Ltd.: RJJ Software provides software-related services, including development, consultancy, and mentoring, as well as audio and podcast editing services. The company produces The Modern .NET Show, the only podcast focused specifically on .NET, and The Waffling Taylors podcast, and edits Tabs and Spaces, Retail Leadership with Steve Worthy, Podcasters Live, and the recently retired Cynical Developer podcast.