Mission Complete: Finishing Our Work with CultCast

Four people stand in a line, their backs to the camera, with their arms wrapped around each other, looking at a sunset.

The cover image for this post is by Helena Lopes

After six months of successful collaboration, we at RJJ Software are happy to announce the completion of our work on CultCast, a cult media podcast from UK publishing house Lost in Cult.

We started work with Lost in Cult last summer, consulting on technologies and techniques that would help them make the best possible podcast. Together with Lost in Cult’s team, we’ve produced high quality source content, to make editing and mastering easier. We’ve also provided mastering services during the crucial first few months of their podcast, while they set up their internal infrastructure and developed the capacity to carry out the work for themselves.

Having set CultCast up for success, it’s time for us to step back. Podcasting is a democratic medium, one that allows people to express their distinctive voices with minimal support. It’s at its best when people are empowered to shape their own content in their own style. CultCast have reached a point where they can make their voice heard without our help, so it’s time for us to move on to other projects.

The last episodes that we worked on were released on December 31, 2021 (publicly) and January 17, 2022 (to CultCast’s premium subscribers on Steady). We’re proud of the work we’ve done and we wish them all the best.

For any other podcasters looking for support, RJJ Software provide editing, mastering, coaching, and consulting services. As well as supporting other people’s podcasts, we produce or edit three podcasts from our own team, including the .NET Core Podcast, which has an audience of 12,000 engaged developers. If you’re looking for support for your podcast, either to get started or on an ongoing basis, then you can learn more about our services at https://rjj-software.co.uk/podcasting-services/.