Client Code of Conduct

This page was last updated on March 7th, 2022

This client code of conduct document sets out how RJJ Software Ltd (“we”) describes our expectations of clients, and what our clients can expect from us. The standard that we hold our clients to is the same standard that we would expect our clients to hold us to. RJJ Software Ltd expect our clients to operate in accordance with the principles set out in this client code of conduct, and to operate in full compliance with all laws and regulations.

The employees of RJJ Software Ltd are held accountable to a separate code of conduct (i.e. our internal code of conduct) and internal policies such that they will be able to provide impeccable service to our clients whilst upholding our core principles: honesty, professionalism, and environmental responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility

Due to the work that we do, we have internal policies in place which aid us in offsetting our carbon footprint. As a technology company who care about the environment, we expect that our clients will have similar policies in place. We also ask that our clients make these policies available to us (where possible) such that we can adapt and improve our own.

Improving the environment and lowering our carbon footprint are moving targets and difficult to initially quantify. We are working with our external providers to ensure that the services that they provide (i.e. cloud hosting, etc.) are as green as possible without compromising on quality and up-time. With that in mind, we also have a number of internal policies in place which aim to increase our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.


We hold our employees to the highest standard of professionalism. They are held account for their dress, behaviour, the language that they use, and their acceptance of others. It is incredibly important to us that our employees act in the most professional ways possible, and we hold them to account. We welcome feedback on our professional behaviour, and expect that our clients hold their employees to a similar standard.

For both our employees and clients, we expect the following professional behaviours:

  • Absolutely no discrimination in any form (including bullying, harassment, abusive, threatening or malicious language) will be tolerated towards our clients, staff, or any visitors
  • We expect that respect for the beliefs, values, religions, and cultures will be provided to all clients, staff, or any visitors
  • All clients, staff or any visitors must be treated with respect, integrity, fairness, and dignity

We have an internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy and the above points make up the basic tenets that we hold our employees to. As such, we hold our clients to the above points, at the very least.

Client Commitment

We hold our clients accountable to this code of conduct, as such we expect our clients to implement or maintain a system which facilitates the management of compliance with this code of conduct and all applicable laws. We also expect that our clients will perform periodic evaluations of its operations to ensure that they are not in violation with this code of conduct and all applicable laws.

We expect that our clients will maintain any documentation and records which provide evidence of compliance.

Clients Who Violate This Code of Conduct

Where a client has not followed this code of conduct, we will communicate directly with the client and explain why we believe that the code of conduct has been violated. We will work with the client to better understand and resolve the situation.

In the unlikely event that an understanding cannot be met, we will end our relationship with the client.

As of the last update date (above) we have yet to work with a client who has been found in violation of our client code of conduct.

If We Violate This Code of Conduct

Whenever we are working with you, we will strive to always follow this code of conduct. If you believe that we have failed at following this code of conduct, we expect you to contact us at your convenience. We will require evidence of the violation (email chains, screenshots of logs, etc.), and will take the appropriate action after performing an internal investigation or review.

We will respond to your request once the appropriate action has been taken.