RJJ Software to Edit New Podcast from Publishing House Lost in Cult.


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For immediate release: 2nd July, 2021

Leeds, West Yorkshire: Producers of the award-winning .NET Core podcast RJJ Software, are to edit a new podcast called CultCast from new UK publishing house Lost in Cult.

Taken from their website, Lost in Cult is described as:

"Lost In Cult was founded by director Jon Doyle in 2021 to publish gaming journal [lock-on], itself a detailed look at gaming and its community, with a focus on outstanding original artwork and in-depth, often personal features from its writers."

Produced by Jon Doyle, Jason Maddison, and Andrew Dickinson, the podcast is described as:

"A dive into cult media, be that video games, movies, TV shows, music, books or more. Join us every two weeks as we explore different topics, often with guests, and have some laughs along the way!"

current logo for CultCast; courtesy of Lost in Cult
current logo for CultCast; courtesy of Lost in Cult

On the work that RJJ Software has done for the podcast so far Andrew, the Editor in Chief for Lost in Cult said, “[this] sounds excellent… Clean and professional.”

Chief audio engineer Mark will be working on editing the podcast and is looking forward to the challenge of post-production on a product that is intimately tied to a regular gaming journal. “I’ve always been interested in video gaming, and have been a fan of the work of the individuals behind Lost in Cult for some time, so getting to work alongside them on something for their brand is a dream come true. I’ll be giving it my all,” Mark said of the opportunity to work on CultCast.

About RJJ Software Ltd.: RJJ Software provides software-related services, including development, consultancy, and mentoring, as well as audio and podcast editing services. The company produces the .NET Core Podcast, the only podcast focused specifically on .NET Core, and The Waffling Taylors podcast, and edits the Tabs and Spaces, CultCast from publishing house Lost in Cult, and recently retired Cynical Developer podcasts