Reviewing Our Work: ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms

A screen shot of the homepage for ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms. It shows a photo of a contemporary bathroom design, with a shower cubical on the left and a toilet on the right, with a blue filter applied to the entire image. The words 'ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms. Local tradesman, operating in Hull and the surrounding area, specialising in full property refurbishments, including: fitting bathrooms and kitchens, tiling, plumbing and joinery. We have over three decades of experience and hundreds of happy customers' are shown over the image.

This blog post was written by Jamie.

RJJ Software is incredibly proud to announce that the website for a new client - ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms - is now live.

We worked with the owners of ABM to design and develop and website which met their needs and have worked to modern semantic HTML5 standards to release a website that is both fast, accessible, and secure. And this can be seen in the results of Google Chrome’s “Lighthouse” feature:

A screenshot of the ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms website loaded into the Chrome web browser, with the "Lighthouse" feature showing a high overall score for the website for the following criterion: Performance (97), Accessibility (91), Best Practised (100), SEO (91)

Two of the ways that we were able to score so highly with these tools were:

  • Utilising the preload value for CSS files (and CSS files which have been minified)
  • Utilising the <picture> element with multiple different files in its srcset

Along with these, we’ve invested some time into the Content-Security-Policy header and made sure that we score highly on Security Headers

You can see the most up to date results here

A screenshot of the ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms website loaded into the Security Headers website. This website does several validations and checks against the OWASP recommended security headers for a given website. At the time of writing, the ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms website has an A rating.

We’re also doing something rather interesting with the social cards for the site:

A screenshot of the ABM Kitchens and Bathrooms website loaded into the social share preview website. This website allows developers to preview and debug the social cards for a given webpage.

For those who don’t know: these are the cards that are shown on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest when someone shares a link to a page on a website. The data shown on social cards are powered by meta tags which contain values that adhere to the Open Graph Protocol.

All of these small optimisations help to boost the speed at which each page loads, the accessibility of the website, and the ease at which web crawlers (i.e. those used by Google, et al. for SEO purposes) can load the website.

If you or your business are looking for a website, do get in touch today. We’d love to work with you and increase your digital potential.