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Increase Your Velocity

We’ll help you to leave your competitors in the dust. They’ll be left scrambling, whereas you’ll be faster to market with the best product in town.

Your Superpower

Ship that product, on time and under budget with our expert help. We’ll also point out inefficiencies in your current workflows to get that lasting boost.

The Very Best

Our CTO and founder is an award winning developer, a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and recipient of Managing Director of the year award.

We Do It all

We build everything from websites up to infinitely scalable, cloud-native enterprise solutions and everything in between.

We're Truly Agile

Using a back-to-basics approach, we can help your team achieve true agility as laid out in the Agile Manifesto by directly cutting to the chase.

We're Compassionate

We truly care about helping you to achieve your digital potential. It’s our business to see you achieve, so lets talk about how you can achieve.

We’re Your Best Asset.

We’re shaking up the development business, one company at a time.

People Oriented

People are the core of all businesses, and we focus our approach on how your customers react with your business.

Optimised Releases

Increase revenue, boost engagement, and increase discoverability with software from us, optimised to beat your competitors.


Our processes are truly Agile, utilising cloud native, test-driven development principles, and the very latest technologies.

Beat Your Competitors

Get to market faster that your competitors, gain the trust of their customers, and increase your sales opportunities

Our Services


We are experts in best practises for DevOps and DevSecOps, helping you to release more features, safely and securely. Getting to market faster than your competitors.


We are also experts in Angular, React, Vue, Tailwind, and a number of other front-end technologies. Regardless of chosen tech stack, we’re the experts you need.

Audio & podcast Editing

Our audio engineering and podcast editing and mastering is second to none; get your message to reach an entirely new audience.

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The Experts, Fullstop

We have expertise in delivering business and enterprise applications using the best-in-show of development technologies. From .NET to Python, and from Go to JavaScript.

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Rich Story

Rich Story

Regional Director, Servita
Jan 13, 2023

We engaged RJJ to augment our existing team to overcome some real challenges faced when we inherited a failing product from a different supplier. RJJ worked diligently and meticulously, making a real difference in our plight to overcome these challenges and rescue something that now provides significant benefits for our customers.

Steve Worthy

Steve Worthy

Founder, CEO, & Retail Leadership Coach

RJJ have been instrumental with assisting the concept development for the podcast as well as editorial responsibilities. They have produced some amazing podcast episodes and I’m excited to have them on the team for my podcast project.

Zac Braddy

Zac Braddy

CTO, Odondo
Mar 7, 2020

Without RJJ my podcast wouldn’t be running at all, that’s the simple truth of the matter. The amount of work they take on for the production of my podcast makes them a no brainer choice and I’m positive the success of my podcast is in no small part due to fantastic quality of their work. Not only that the staff are friendly and helpful always taking the time to explain to me the choices available in any given situation allowing me to make timely and informed decisions that have improved the quality of the outcomes of my work. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to work with RJJ!

Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes

Senior Analytics Strategist
May 4, 2015

You need RJJ in your office or on your project. They are very good at helping others understand something that is new to them. Perfect at interdepartmental working

Andrew Dickinson

Andrew Dickinson

Author (Dreamcast Years), Podcaster
Oct 3rd, 2022

Working with Mark and RJJ has been brilliant. They make everything straightforward, and in our meetings they have always been knowledgeable and prepared for any eventuality. I felt like they cared about the unique perspective of my podcast, as well as my time."

Andy Norton

Andy Norton

Software Development Manager at FootAsylum

RJJ came in as software consultants, working alongside our Platform team to coach them on .NET best practices and get them working properly in pairs and following SOLID and DRY etc. During their time they helped with our microservices architecture in Azure, working out some of the high-level flows and then working to improve unit test coverage and integrations with 3rd parties. They have tons of knowledge and are a real asset as consultants, and would sit with different devs helping to un-block them. I’d have no problems recommending them for work in the .NET/Azure space

Tom Hainton

Tom Hainton

Founder at Hainton
Sept 16, 2020

Jamie from RJJ helped us prepare and create our podcast. He is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend speaking with him if you want help setting up a podcast

Paul Seal

Paul Seal

Umbraco Developer and Umbraco MVP at Moriyama

Having worked with RJJ on several projects, I know them to be hardworking, very knowledgeable and an asset to any team

James Studdart

James Studdart

.NET Development Consultant & Podcast Host
Jan 1, 2019

Over the years of producing my podcast the editing of each episode was the most time consuming. I’m not a sound engineer and its not skill that’s easy to pick up, but RJJ Software were able to provide the skill set for me. They took the pain out of producing consistently high quality audio, giving me more time to focus on talking to my guests and making my shows.

Phil Broadhead

Phil Broadhead

Web developer at Extreme

It was a pleasure to work with RJJ. They got straight to the root of any problem they were faced with, and fixed it so that it didn’t happen again, applying due dilligence throughout the process

Carl Martin

Carl Martin

Director of Recruitment at Metier Recruitment

We recruited RJJ to work on a contract basis for one of our best clients based in Leeds. Jamie did a very good job for us and he will certainly be at the top of the list for when we have similar vacancies in the future. Highly recommended.

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Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor


Jamie Taylor is a distinguished technologist, visionary leader, and expert developer with over a decade and a half of experience in the software development industry. Renowned for his expertise in .NET, Python, Go, and bespoke software delivery, Jamie has established himself as a key player at the intersection of technology and business strategy.

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Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Chief Audio Editor and Engineer

In the dynamic world of podcasting, where the auditory realm meets technological finesse, few individuals stand out as prominently as Mark Taylor. With a remarkable decade of commercial experience. Mark has established himself as a key player at the intersection of technology and audio engineering.

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Rich Story

Regional Director, Servita

We engaged RJJ to augment our existing team to overcome some real challenges faced when we inherited a failing product from a different supplier. RJJ worked diligently and meticulously, making a real difference in our plight to overcome these challenges and rescue something that now provides significant benefits for our customers.

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